Quick Prototyping : serving your development

AS Industries enhances its quick prototyping service in order to help on your project launch. Thanks to our dedicated unit www.quickproto.fr , we are able to supply customized product in less than 14 days with any material.

We can propose the best economical solution corresponding to your needs.

Prototype is the easiest way to test your parts in its real environment with lifecycle parameters.

We are also able to make small to medium size of batch for your mechanical parts.

We can provide our own material test report on demand.

Ask for your prototype at QuickProto and order serial batches to AS Industries.

  • 14 days delivery

  • Any type of material

  • Serial production available

Service adapted to:

  • Industries
  • Studies
  • Design office
  • R&D


  • Flexibility for your project launch
  • Check technical characteristics
  • Improve your design
  • Limit financial investments*

Quick prototyping available process:

Metal Machining 

Plastics Machining 

3D printing

Finished parts:

We also propose finishing service as:

  • null

    Surface treatment:

    painting, marking

  • Inserts assembly

* others on request

Our achievements: