Sheet metal Parts

AS Industries produces your parts, mainly in stamping, laser cutting and punching/folding.

We support you from your technical specifications to the delivery of your parts.

Thin Sheet metal for Electronics and Aeronautics sectors

AS Industries is from its creation in 2003, a major actor of industrial Sheet metal work and provide clients from all industrial sectors among the most demanding as aeronautic or railway industry.

Some examples:

  • Armoring

  • Electronic boxes

  • Busbars

  • Assembled and welded parts

Cutting / Stamping

Some technologies used in thin sheet metal work, need very specific tools. It is the case in stamping. On an economic point of view, AS Industries has the capability to reduce the non-recurrent costs needed for serial production.

Laser Cutting

Our supplier plants which have been audited respect the most demanding international criteria. They respect the quality processes, technical expectations and ethics which is a main subject for AS Industries.

From stainless steel sheet to laser cutting and aluminum folding

    • Anodizing
    • SURTEC 650
    • Silvering
    • Chemical nickel plating
    • Chrome plating
    • Cataphoresis
    • Phosphating
    • Others on request

    We realize for our specific clients thin and precise sheet metal parts.

    In addition, we have specific quality control equipment. We provide parts corresponding to your technical needs.

    • Tri-dimensional machine
    • Spectrometer

Our quality control laboratory